SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

JD news!

Depp in Deep with Disney

So Disney have announced three new movies starring JD: Alice in Wonderland (Mad Hatter), The Lone Ranger (Tonto) - where did that come from?!, and Pirates 4.

Alice in Wonderland will be fabulous - it's Tim Burton, so how could it not be? And JD is perfect as the Mad Hatter! I'm laughing already. Apparently it's a 3D animated, performance capture type thing.

The Lone Ranger I've heard nothing about! But, playing to the stereotype, I'm hoping Tonto takes his shirt off a lot. *g* Shallow? Me?

And Pirates 4... Well. Bring on the fanwank. I'm all for it myself, but can't help shuddering at the weeping and wailing that's to come Will Turner, no Elizabeth Swann. How many people, I wonder, will swear that they're not going to see it? That no one they know will go and see it? How it's doomed to fail at the box office blah blah blah? God, I'm bored of it all already! But still, squee. :) More Jack Sparrow. That makes me happy. :)

(NB They've only announced that Pirates 4 has gone into development, which they wouldn't do if JD wasn't on board. So, yeah...!)
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