SalR323 (salr323) wrote,

Drabble: "New Horizons"

All this talk of P4 got me thinking about Jack and how they’ll need to cut him loose from the baggage of DMC/AWE in order to take the movie in a new direction. This little drabble came to mind. :)

New Horizons

Behind, the dark and dismal past fades into memory. Never again will he traverse those treacherous shores, for all that glitters is not gold and their treasure has proven false.

Chains hold others now, bind them to their destiny, but he feels no sting of remorse; he has earned this freedom, paid his debt in blood and death. And they earned their fate, too.

Thirteen years sacrificed to vengeance and desire! But no more. Life spreads wide as the ocean and Jack Sparrow is reborn.

He smiles, because the horizon’s never looked so bright. Because the adventure’s only just begun…
Tags: p4
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