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Saw this on the LA Times site:

It's apparently no secret that Johnny Depp didn't get along with the famously perfectionist Michael Mann during the filming of "Public Enemies," the John Dillinger gangster movie that's due out this summer... Interviewed in this week's Entertainment Weekly, Depp only alludes to his issues with the Mann work process, which he slyly describes as "the details of the details of the details. They should invent a word to describe it, because it's not just details, it teeters on microscopic obsession with every molecule of the moment."

Asked about his favorite scene to shoot in the film, Depp replies: "Let's just say, how often do you get to stand on the running board of an old 1932 Buick blasting a 50-round clip from a Thompson submachine gun? When do you get to do that without getting into trouble for it? And with Michael, you get to do it again and again and again."

Hee. :)
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