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Step away from the fandom...

You might have noticed that I've become a bit of a reboot!trekkie over the last few weeks. :)

So here's the problem: there will be a new movie, and the writers are talking about how they're reading all the fan reaction online before they decide how to approach the script.

Fan reaction? Online fan reaction? No! Step away from the fandom, please! How can it be helpful to read a whole bunch of contradictory opinions from crazy people? Seriously. And as a result of them saying this, every blog is swamped with comments from people giving their top tips for the second movie: "It should be a Deep Space 9 Movie" (WTF?yawn), "Bring back Shatner" (As if!), "Get rid of that icky romance stuff!" (Grrr...), "Remake the Wrath of Khan" (zzzzzzz) or "Don't you dare remake the Wrath of Khan!" (hahahaha).


I hope they just write a story they think is fun and exciting, without any reference to people carping on the sidelines (she carped from the sidelines). After all, the first one worked out okay. :)
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