Gulp. So, I seem to have written a fluffy, angsty romance novel!

It's called 'Beyond the Far Horizon' (some of you may recognise the title! ) and involves romance, adventure, angst and, naturally, pirates! It's available now as an e-book from and etc.

The normal price will be $2.99/£1.54 but, because I'd love you guys to read it, I'm making it free to download for twenty-four hours from 12.01 a.m. PST/09.01 a.m. GMT on 14th February - Valentine's Day. ;)

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You can read an excerpt on my website here - Chapter One - and an even longer one on the 'Look Inside' feature on Amazon.

I'd really love to know what you guys think, so, if you have time, please pop over to my blog and check it out! :)
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Just been sledging in Richmond Park, and it was fab! Somewhat terrifying, somewhat bruising, but still fantastic. More snow, please! :)

Long time, no see

Wow. I last posted here in 2010! What happened to 2011? I have no idea. It was pretty crappy in many ways, and I guess I just didn't have the energy for LJ or fandom. I also got a new job, which is taking up way more time than I'd like! But I don't complain when I get paid and the end of the month, and frankly, in this economy, I'm just grateful to be employed. So no moaning from me.

On a fandom note, OMG Sherlock! I think I heard fandom explode from the comfort of my sofa - I wonder how many post-ep fics that series has generated? I'm surprised the internet hasn't melted! :)

So, it's good to be back. What have I missed?
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New fic journal

I now have a brand new fic journal! So from now on I'll be posting all my new fic to tukumbe. If you'd like to see any new fic posts, please come along and friend me there. I'm looking very lonely right now! ;)

I'd eventually like to move all my fic from this journal to the new one, as I think I'll be going friends only here soon. Does anyone know if it's possible to move a post and keep the comments intact?

In the meantime, if you'd like to read my latest Sherlock fic - "Something Understood", you can find it on my shiny new journal right HERE
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Old fic...

Because piratemistress asked to read some of my old West Wing fic, I went hunting around my journal (Why don't I tag anything? Why?) and was driving myself nuts looking for fic that I knew I'd written but couldn't find! Of course after a couple of hours I remembered that back in 2006 I was still posting my fic on my old geocities website, now dead, and only started using LJ half way through my West Wing obsession. Duh!

So because piratemistress has just watched the fabulous Noel and wanted to read my little post-ep fic, I'm posting it here as it's no longer anywhere else online. So here it is - fic from 2006.

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I think I'm going to have to watch Noel again this Christmas. :)
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My wierd crush on Benedict Cumberbatch continues unabated. However, after seeing these pics, I'm thinking it's not that weird after all! Over at sherlockbbc the wonderful jaune has posted pictures of this photoshoot:

tuesday_suit I think this is mostly for you... You might need to sit down before you click the link. And have a bucket of water standing by because OMG!hot!
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Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle has come up with a radical vision for his stage version of Frankenstein by casting two stars - ­Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller - to play the much misunderstood creature.

The actors will play Mary ­Shelley’s literary creations - the monster and his creator Dr Frankenstein - on alternate nights at the National Theatre when performances begin in early February on the building’s Olivier stage.

Love the National Theatre, love the Olivier stage. Love, love, love! Cannot wait!

*starts queuing for tickets*

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